Laura Rose, President (Villa 512 & 714)


Thank you for voting me on to the Board. I appreciate the opportunity to serve our community; to contribute towards the planned improvements/enhancements to our property; to represent owner interest; to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion; and to work in concert with Myriad Property Management, our maintenance staff and our vendors to ensure positive and mutually beneficial relationships. 


I have been the co-owner of a media rep firm for the last 9+ years and have become adept at managing budgets and costs while maintaining a profit. I have a MBA in finance from Western Connecticut State University and a B.S. in marketing and management from Marymount College.

I have been investing in real estate for the last 23 years. I bought my first Villa in 2007 and was thrilled to be fortunate enough to purchase another one in 2015. My time is split between my primary residence and enjoying visits to the Villas whenever I can. 


I am very excited at the prospect of what lies ahead and look forward to getting to know everyone. Thank you again for placing your confidence and trust in me.

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Dr. Walid Jaziri, Vice President (Villa 1021 & 1121)


First, I would like to thank my fellow Villa owners for electing me to be a member of this fine Board of Directors. I was a member of a previous Board more than five years ago under different management. Joe Brennan came to the meetings as a Villa owner and witnessed the deterioration of the infrastructure of the Villas. He progressively became involved to save the value of our Villas.


I’m a psychiatrist who has been managing a medical practice with 16 employees in Norwich for more than 30 years. I have also been a real estate owner for more than 15 years; I manage multiple investment properties and have become a principal contractor, hiring subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters to repair and maintain these properties. I understand the challenges that come with managing a property, especially one as large as The Villas At The Norwich Inn & Spa.

I learned about the Villas in the late 1980’s and am now the owner of two units. One thing that stood out to me most about the property is the prime location and close proximity to shopping and entertainment. I am confident that our new Board of Directors and management team will work together to improve the value of our wonderful Villas.

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John Twohill, Treasurer (Villa 1011)


It has been a pleasure and a rewarding experience working with my fellow board members on implementing changes in the way our association conducts business. I believe that we have been in the forefront on bringing transparency and accountability of our affairs to the members of our association. It has been our goal to welcome more owner involvement by utilizing electronic means for the purpose of voting and communication.

During my current term, I am serving as your Treasurer. It has been a pleasant, educational, and informative experience, which has sharpened my awareness and comprehension of the vital economic and structural challenges that our Association has been, and is currently facing as we move forward. I have benefited from working in close association with Joe Brennan and Sandy Pimental of Myriad Property Management Group. Their personal and professional commitment to work in unison and in conjunction with the Board of Directors in order to secure the goals of achieving the success articulated by the vision set forth by the owners and executed by the Board of our Association is evident through their invaluable contributions. Their commitment to the success of the association is unparalleled and without question.

There is much yet to be done, but I believe that the current team is best suited to manage our long overdue Capital Improvements Project and bring our aging complex into the 21st century by providing physical restoration to our beautiful property while working to achieve a renewed sense of commitment and pride to the goal of increasing the economic value of every owners unit in the years come.

As time will allot and as we move forward into the future I will look forward to the opportunity of meeting every unit owner. I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and thank you for voting me on to the Board.

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Carol Curland, Secretary (Villa 1814)


I am delighted to serve on the Board and to work with a cohesive group that works well together and has the same common goal: to bring our community back to one we can all be proud of. I feel continuity on the Board is important so that we can see our projects continue to completion.

My personal history is:

  • Past President of a condominium association or 10 years

  • President of Hadassah for 4 years

  • Past State representative for National Hadassah for 2 years

  • Past Board Member of a Synagogue

  • I have also worked in the medical field for years, specifically in the field of anesthesia, working at Backus Hospital, St. Frances Hospital and the Coast Guard Academy


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Teri Bruce, Director (Villa 124)


I purchased my villa in August of 2018 with the intention of having it as a getaway and a place where out of town family could stay until I retire. I was impressed by the capital plan and the improvements that were being made to the complex, and I have not been disappointed since closing on my unit. While my retirement is still a few years away, my getaway time here was just what I needed at the end of a work day and I moved into my unit in July of 2020. The tranquility that it brings at the end of the day is immeasurable.


I am a lifelong resident of southeastern Connecticut, having grown up in Montville. The links of the Norwich Golf Course that border our villas are very familiar to me as I joined my parents many times as a child when they played their frequent rounds of golf. Golf will become a part of my retirement plan when the time comes.


I am currently the Principal at Putnam Middle School, a position I have held since July of 2011. Prior to that, I was employed in both teaching and educational leadership positions at Norwich Free Academy for twenty-one years. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Amherst College, received advanced degrees and additional professional educational certifications from Southern Connecticut State University, Sacred Heart University, and the University of Connecticut. I also earned my Ed.D. from Johnson and Wales University.


I look forward to serving our shared community and helping the Board to continue the progress that has been made in recent years.

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