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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the entire Board, we would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! As many would say, it has been a "crazy" year. Despite all that has happened, it has also been a very productive one. We can all be grateful that, through the superb and skillful direction of our property management company, Myriad, we were able to move forward with so many projects.

Our walking trail with several new bridges was installed; nearly all front entry and closet doors have been newly painted; our trash walks have been redone providing a more uniform look and proving to be easier to maintain already; the gym in Club 1 has been redone with new flooring, new paint and some new equipment; the interior of our clubhouses have been painted and work continues to progress in both buildings; and, reconstruction of our decking has moved further along. I am sure I have left out many other things that have been done this year.

We're exceedingly pleased with the continuous transformation and we look forward to a brighter 2021 with even more positive accomplishments to report!

Best wishes to all -

Laura Rose, President

Dr. Walid Jaziri, Vice President

John Twohill, Treasurer

Carol Curland, Secratary

John Hazelton, Director

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